Tolaram Foundation

Tolaram Foundation in Estonia ( was established on Sonny Aswani’s initiative to support less fortunate people. We hope to improve the lives of these people and promote positive and supporting attitude from the society.

Tolaram Foundation activities have 2 main lines: giving music education to children with special needs and supporting less fortunate families.

We have a small but effective music centre where children are taught according to Figurenotes method. This method has been created by Finnish music therapists Kaarlo Uusitalo and Markku Kaikkonen. Depending on the special need other methods are in use as well. We are giving individual and group lessons. Every child can learn, we just need to find the suitable tool.

We are closely working also together with Mother Theresa Home in Tallinn. We are assisting them to monitor the risk families and if needed be give our help. With our initiative we have converted their old garage into multifunctional premises. This could be used today as soup kitchen or for some group work.

Our different projects have been related also to education. We have supported the schools for children with special needs to acquire the technical equipment and given the possibility for 10 masai girls to learn in high school providing them with all necessary (covering their school fees, school clothes, books, stationary etc)